Originally from Dublin, Katie is an internationally awarded and globally recognised food and lifestyle photographer, food stylist, and three-time published cookbook author.

Her work has spanned continents, shooting and styling for a diverse range of high-profile clients, including Sainsbury’s, Martha Stewart, Masterfoods, Food and Wine NYC, Tescos UK, Qantas, Conde Nast and Woolworths, among many others.

Additionally, with over 25 years of experience as an art director, Katie brings a unique, editorially artistic perspective to her work. Her meticulous eye for detail and creative thinking make her a valuable collaborator in the advertising and publishing industries.

She has not only made food look attainable, non-pretentious, and relatable to each target market, but also left an indelible mark on food photography. Her innovative approach has inspired countless photographers to experiment with mood, atmosphere, and storytelling, paving the way for a new generation to redefine the genre.

In her spare time, she writes and photographs the well-known and much-loved food blog What Katie ate. Her awards include the prestigious James Beard Award for food photography, and she recently won the Irish Cookbook Photographer of the Year.